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  1. J.D.T.

    I am writing you to express my utmost appreciation for the services that your company provided for my father. Although the time spent caring for my father was not long, I do want to say that from what I observed, what my father told me, and the calls placed to me to inquire if there was any assistance needed, it was obvious to me that your team is good at what they do. The services that were provided, was a breath of fresh air in a time of my life filled with smog.

    I personally want to thank Traci Adams, Lydia Sowah, & Angie Jeffers for making my father feel human again. For the time that you did care for him, I saw personally his attitude become more positive and for the brief moments that you did care for him, he was not worried about dying, but living in the moment.

    Although we knew that there was nothing that could be done to extend God’s timeline, you performed your duties with the utmost professionalism and care. The gratitude that I feel for such compassion can hardly be put in to words. But the two words that can come close to expressing my gratitude are THANK YOU!

  2. Rebecca D.

    Thank you Golden Age for a great service your staff provided to our brother Thomas. Thomas received both Nursing care, Physical Therapy as well as Speech Therapy services from Golden Age Home Health, from March of 2014 through today March 10, 2015 even as he is being transferred to the Memory Care facility here in Oklahoma City. We really thank God for the care you’ve provided to our brother. The respect and compassion shown by your nurses, your therapists and your other caregivers are clearly outstanding. We sincerely hope your company will continue to care for Thomas in this new facility. Our entire family is grateful for all that you’ve done for our brother. Your caregivers were always on time and it is clearly evident that they’re each well trained in their own areas of the care they give. I will readily recommend Golden Age Home Health to anyone I know who needs quality Home Health Care and also effective Therapy Services any day, any time.

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